TEXA Bike – SWM Diagnostic Cable (3151/AP51)

$ 87.00

This it the TEXA bike cable for SWM (Road & Off-Road) motorcycles to interface diagnostic dealer test. This cable is also known as 3907938.

Please note that if you have the TXT adapter you will need part number 3903689 to make this function properly. If you have a TXB adapter you do not need any extra cables.


SV.VM (Sironi Vergani Vimercate Milano) was founded in 1971 by Piero Sironi and Fausto Vergani and was based in Milan, Italy.

SWM officially announced the revival of the brand at EICMA 2014. Production quickly commenced after the event with a production of the first RS650’s taking place in July 2015.

As the RS models are based on the Husqvarna design, SWM has been quick to gear up production and 1,500 vehicles are set to manufactured in the first year with 6,000 forecasted for 2016.

A global importer network has been quickly established by calling on relationships with ex-Husqvarna importers – in fact, the majority of European importer network are ex-Husky.

Mojo Motorcycles were appointed the Australian distributors in late 2015.


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