AEC - Brake Pro

AEC Brake Pro


  •  Quick and efficient brake fluid exchange
  • Comprehensive adapters for most brake systems
  • Step-by-step control panel

Additional Benefits:

  •  Quickly bleed brakes one or four at a time
  • Allows use of most brake fluid containers
  • Adjustable scale allows for automatic shut off
  • Built in service counter provides revenue control





  •  Exchange and Backflush Cooling System in less than 10 minutes
  • Two line approach allows coolant transfer up to 1 gallon per minute
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Includes heat resistent delrin adapters and tools

Two lines are better than one!


When an engine cooling system isn’t handling its load the engine deteriorates quicker and is more likely to overheat. The best way to insure it’s effectiveness is with a periodic coolant exchange. A cooling system operates best when the coolant’s additives are still effective. These additives enable the coolant to carry away heat and inhibit corrosion.

AEC Group Inc.’s designs allows you to do it right. Unlike evacuate and fill apparatus (most one-line systems), the ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING COOLANT EXCHANGER two-line design can quickly and effectively exchange virtually all of the coolant.


Power Steering

AEC Power Steering


  •  Quick and Efficient
  • Fully Automatic – Designed for one-man use
  • Simultaneously removes old fluid while adding new fluid
  • Extends power steering component life and efficiency
  • Universal and flexible adapters included
  • Rugged, heavy-duty industrial composite construction
  • Accepts new fluid containers from .5 to 2.5 U.S. gallons
  • Six (6) U.S. gallon waste tank

When was the last time your customer had the power steering fluid in their vehicle changed?

 Extend power steering component life and power steering system efficiency with a periodic fluid exchange. The ADVANTAGE ENGINEERING POWER STEERING PRO is designed for one-man use. Draining, topping, and exchanging fluid functions are controlled via toggle switch. Secure and adjustable adapters fixed to the reservoir allow one man operation. 


Trans Pro



  • Quick and efficient ATF exchange
  • Dipstick AND Cooler Line modes
  • Extend transmission life
  • Increase transmission efficiency

Additional Benefits:

  •  Dipstick service requires no adapters or tools
  • Comprehensive and modular adapters for most cooler lines
  • Service volume adjustment in 1 quart increments (6 to 32)
  • Adjust final fluid levels by .1 quart increments
  • Built in service counter provides revenue control



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