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Bosch® ESI Truck 3824

The Bosch® 3824 is the tool for heavy duty truck diagnostic for everything. With the ESI Truck, technicians have the ability to perform bi-directional tests and make changes on every truck they diagnose. Using the Bosch® ESI Truck is made simple with the intuitive interface and powerful software that performs at the same level as OEM or dealer software.


Increase Shop Efficiency with the Bosch® ESI[truck]

  • Code to fix at the truck – trouble shooting information integrated right on the tool
  • Tech stays at the vehicle
  • Repair info at the truck, including wiring diagrams, component pictures and locations, test procedures and descriptions, and DTC look-up
  • Automatic vehicle ID
  • Single, intuitive user interface works on all trucks with a common scan tool
  • Bluetooth wireless capability


Heavy & Medium Duty Functions on the Bosch® 3824

  • Read and clear fault codes
  • Calibrations
  • Diagnostics
  • Track Service Schedules
  • Data Stream
  • Component Technical Data
  • Actuations and Tests
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • System Data
  • Repair Reports
  • Parameter Settings
  • Repair Information
  • Plus OBD Scan for pick-up trucks


Bosch® 3824 ESI Truck Includes:

  • Ruggedized 10″ tablet
  • RP1210 Data Link adapter
  • 6, 9, and 16 pin connectors
  • ESI[truck] Diagnostics Software
  • One year warranty


BOSCH 3824 Repair Information Subscription

BOSCH 3824-08
  • Keep your ESI[truck] running with uninterrupted coverage, special tests and bidirectional controls
  • Renew your annual software subscription to keep special tests, bidirectional coverage and OE-specific codes on your ESI[truck]
  • After your subscriptions expires, ESI[truck] will only read SAE standard code and data
BOSCH 3824-08R
  • Over 13,000 fixes by trouble code
  • Symptom based troubleshooting
  • Repair info is integrated in the diagnostic session – no need to log into another application
  • Will require internet connect to use
  • Free trial with 2016/1 software release
  • Requires a subscription to use in 2016/2 release
  • 2016/2 and beyond will have 15 day free trial



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