TEXA Bike – Bike Essential Case (S0493D)

$ 1,155.00

The Bike Essentials Case is complete with the most common cables for Asian, Euro and American motorcycle diagnostic interface.

The kit includes:

  • Bike/Marine Empty Cable Case
  • 3151/AP01 Bike Main Cable
  • 3151/AP05 Triumph/Victory/OBD Cable
  • 3151/AP11 Generic KAWASAKI cable up to 2010*
  • 3151/AP15 Generic SUZUKI Cable*
  • 3151/AP20 Generic HONDA Cable (3901198)
  • 3151/AP23 DUCATI Cable from 2010 (3902404)
  • 3151/AP31 Generic KAWASAKI Cable from 2010 (3903439)
  • 3151/AP37 BMW Cable  (3904607)
  • 3151/AP57 Harley Davidson Cable (3909520)
  • 3151/AP59 Yamaha Bike Cable (3909878)



TEXA maintains its unquestioned leadership of the BIKE sector (motorcycles, quads, jet skis, snowmobiles, and ATVs) with the NAVIGATOR TXTs and NAVIGATOR TXB Evolution, the diagnostic interface adopted by some of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers. The NAVIGATOR interfaces utilize Bluetooth technology for greater flexibility in the diagnosis and, with BIKE software, represent the most reliable, effective and complete solution today on the market.


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