Pinnacle – JUMBO 3D

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Jumbo 3D Super supplied with 10 targets and integrated wheel brackets enable the user to measure results of all 5 axles simultaneously.


  • One shot Runout compensation of all 5 axles
  • One shot caster swing for twin steer axles
  • Quick results, high productivity
  • Less labor cost

Jumbo 3D uses latest, innovative, digital-imaging technology by deploying quad camera system for data- acquisition. High-resolution digital cameras, two per side, operate with intelligent software & capture seamless images of targets



No Electronics on wheels

  • No expensive service bills due to an accidental drop of electronic sensors
  • No sensor calibration issues
  • No battery discharge issues
  • Compact and lightweight

One Shot Caster swing for twin axles

  •  Caster swing can be performed for twin steer axles simultaneously
  • 4 nos Rotary plates supplied as a standard accessory
  • No need to remove and refix the targets for each axle
  • Increases productivity

Parallelism, Thrust / Scrub Angle, & Single Axle Adjustment

 Parallelism Adjustment 
Alignment of Front twin steerable axles to maintain parallel condition

Thrust / Scrub Angle Adjustment
Alignment of Rear multi axles

Single Axle adjustment 
Thrust angle adjustment in a single axle vehicle is a tedious job using conventional trial & error method.
Single axle adjuster tool helps in effortlessly adjusting the thrust angle precisely.
Saves considerable time and energy.

Filters – LED

1st in the World

 One shot Runout Compensation of all 5 axles

  • Runout carried out by driving the vehicle
  • Alignment completed within 1/3 the time of conventional methods
  • No need to remove and refix the clamps and targets for each axle
  • No Jacking up of wheels
  • No need for vehicle pusher
  • Enormous time saving and productivity increased

Tractor & Trailer Alignment 


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